We put mind and soul into our products, and that is key to providing excellent value to the customer! Check out some of our work below:

Promo 2.0 - Next Gen promotions

The must-have promotions' application for mobile telephony operators.

Keeps customers engaged and offers skill-based games for claiming amazing prizes!

MyDox - contract management

An integrated solution for contract lifecycle management: store your existing contracts and easily create new ones from one of our top-rated contract templates.
Send out invites for review and signing to your partners, and get custom notifications for your contracts!

Loop - designed for celebrities

News, exclusive pictures, Q&A and many more - all in one app created to keep you audience thrilled to hear from you.

Created as a whitelabel app, it can be tailored for the needs of any celebrity in any domain of activity!

Beecoded Chatbot solution

Smart bots deliver a meaningful user experience combining natural conversations with in-depth analytics highlighting that it is not about messaging, it’s about engagement.

Samsung - smart classroom

We developed a responsive online collaborative learning platform for Samsung. Smart Classroom offers a complete learning experience and is available to all teachers and students from Romania. The platform can be accessed from any device with an internet connection (desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones).